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When a relationship is struggling, it can be hard to know where to turn. Learn how I can help.

Love shouldn't hurt!

It’s never easy to tell when a relationship is in trouble, but I can help.

Sometimes, couples therapy can be a helpful step in getting things back on track. Couples therapy provides a unique opportunity for couples to explore their relationship in a safe and confidential setting under the guidance of a couples therapist. It can help them communicate more effectively, learn to understand each other’s needs and desires and resolve conflict in a constructive way. Because love shouldn’t hurt! And relationships shouldn’t be complicated.

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“Relationship counseling is based on the belief that relationships are strengthened when couples are able to understand and resolve their differences.”

What is couples therapy?

Sometimes, love is simply not enough for a romantic relationship to survive the obstacles life throws its way. While in the beginning, relationships seem to find their own way without any external guidance and couples evolve in the rhythm of their emotions, in time, things get a bit more complicated. The flow of their emotions may get stuck in life’s struggles, and reality may sabotage the fairy tale.

However, this doesn’t mean couples should abandon their love and move on to the next coup de foudre. Relationships require work, effort, and, more importantly, communication. This is where couples therapy can help. Couples therapy, also known as marital therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples understand their relationship issues, strengthen their emotional bond, and move forward toward a healthy relationship.

Relationship counseling is based on the belief that relationships are strengthened when couples are able to understand and resolve their differences. Therapists and marriage counselors can help couples learn to communicate their needs and wants, understand each other’s perspectives, and find creative solutions to their problems. Couples therapy can also help to increase intimacy.

Signs your relationship is suffering

It’s never easy to tell when a relationship is in trouble. Couples can go from being madly in love to barely speaking to each other in the blink of an eye. If you’re worried that your relationship might be suffering, here are some common signs to look out for.

You're always arguing

Arguing is a normal part of any relationship. Conflict can help both partners understand each better, learn from their mistakes, and grow both as individuals and as a couple. But if you find that you’re arguing more often than you’re getting along, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

You're not spending time together

When you first start dating someone, you can’t get enough of them. You want to spend every waking moment together. But as time goes on, it’s normal for couples to want to spend more time apart. If you find that you’re not spending as much time together as you used to, maybe something is not right.

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You're not being intimate

Intimacy is an important part of any relationship. If you’re not being intimate with your partner, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Whether it’s a lack of physical intimacy or a lack of emotional intimacy, a lack of intimacy is a sure sign that your relationship is suffering.

You're not having fun anymore

When you first start dating someone, everything is new and exciting. But as time goes on, the novelty starts to wear off. If you find that you’re not having fun anymore, pause your routine and take a step back. Analyze your relationship and be honest with yourselves. When did the fun stop? Why did it stop?

What are the benefits of couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of therapy that helps couples understand and resolve their conflict. It can be an effective way to improve your relationship and communication with your partner. Couples therapy can help you:

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Couples therapy usually involves meeting with a licensed therapist together as a couple. The therapist will help you explore the patterns of interaction between you and your partner. You’ll work to identify the underlying causes of your conflict and find new ways to communicate your feelings and relate to each other.

During therapy, couples will learn to communicate more effectively, identify and manage conflict, and understand and resolve differences. They will also learn how to build trust, intimacy, and connection. Couples therapy can help couples to improve their relationship satisfaction and overall well-being.

What to expect from couples therapy

Couples therapy is typically short-term, lasting 10-20 weeks. However, the length of therapy depends on the severity of the couple’s issues and their willingness to work on their relationship. Some couples may need less than 10 therapy sessions, while others may require more than 20.

Couples therapy usually begins with an assessment phase, during which the therapist gets to know the couple and their individual concerns. The therapist will then develop a treatment plan based on those concerns. During each session, the therapist will help the couple communicate effectively and work through their issues.

The therapist may also ask each partner to talk about their individual needs and how they can be met within the relationship. It is important for couples to understand that therapy is a process that takes time and effort. Couples should expect to see some progress after several sessions, but it may take longer to resolve more complex issues.

Is couples therapy right for my partner and me?

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How do you know if it’s right for you? There is no short answer to this question. Just like each individual is unique, each couple has its own story. Therapy for couples may not be a universal panacea for relationships, but it can help if both partners are determined to save and improve their relationship. Couples counseling can give them the tools to communicate better and consolidate their relationship, especially if they have a solid foundation to rely on.

However, for couples therapy to work, both partners need to be committed to the process, open to feedback, and willing to try new things. They should also have the time to attend the weekly therapy sessions. Remember that therapy is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to see results, but the benefits of couples therapy rarely go unnoticed. If you’re willing to put in the work, couples therapy can be a great way to improve your relationship.

How We Can Help

Couples therapy can be a valuable investment in your relationship. If you’re struggling in your current relationship and you’re not sure what to do, it might be a good option for you. Why not take advantage of a free consultation and see if I’m what you’re looking for in a couples therapist? I provide both in-person and online couples therapy to accommodate your schedule and allow you to choose your safe space.

I’m a trained and licensed therapist that can help you improve the communication in your relationship, understand each other’s perspectives, and develop healthier relationship dynamics. Couples therapy can help a wide range of romantic partners. It can be a valuable tool for married couples, partners in same-sex relationships, or even people looking for premarital counseling.

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