Frequently Asked Questions

Cash, credit/debit card, and personal check are accepted. I do not accept insurance, however, if your insurance plan reimburses you for “out of network” services, I can provide the appropriate documentation.

No, only clients ages 18 and up.

Yes, I offer a hybrid model of in-person and virtual (telehealth) therapy sessions. In-person care will require clients to be COVID-vaccinated/boosted and provide proof of vaccination prior to session. In-person care will also be contingent on local and state COVID mandates. You can decide which setting is more comfortable for you.

The frequency of therapy sessions depends on your specific needs and the goals you have for therapy. Some people may need to go to therapy weekly, while others may only need to go once a month.

This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on the individual and the issues being addressed in therapy. Some people may only need a few sessions to work through a specific issue, while others may need ongoing therapy for a longer period of time to address more complex issues. Ultimately, the goal of therapy is to help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with your challenges in a more effective way.